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3KK deliver Harvest donations to the Paddock Wood Food Bank.

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On a very wet and windy Friday, 3KK made their way to the Paddock Foodbank in a minibus full of harvest goodies to donate to this much-needed cause.

On arrival, the children carried all the donations into the church where the food bank takes place every Tuesday. The children were then addressed by Erica who runs the food bank. We learnt what a food bank is, why we have them and certainly all appreciated how fortunate we are and to not take food for granted. Food security is not some far-flung problem in developing countries, it is on our doorsteps here in the UK too. 3KK were beautifully behaved and answered Erica’s questions thoughtfully and asked some super questions to deepen their understanding.

3KK delivering harvest

Harvest 1

Harvest 2

Harvest 3

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