Academic Structure

All children in the Prep School gain familiarity with taking exams and with this their confidence grows. Class 3 sit tests in normal class time over the course of the year; Class 4 sit Maths and English exams at the end of the Summer Term only. Shell sit core subject exams in the Autumn and all subjects in the Summer. Midway and Upper sit all subjects at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms. Remove have exams in the second half of each term.


Parents are encouraged to build a relationship with their child’s tutor and teachers, all of whom will be happy to talk to you about your child’s progress. A noted strength of the school is the quality of this relationship.

Progress and attainment are formally reported in the following ways:

1. Fortnightly Orders

These interim grades are actually produced each half of term and are no longer ‘orders’ that rank the children. They compare the child’s performance in each subject against the other members of the class/set in the following way:

A – Top quartile of set / class
B – Middle two quartiles of set / class
C – Bottom quartile of set / class

In addition effort grades are awarded for each subject. These effort grades are as follows:

1 – Exceptional
2 – Very good
3 – Good
4 – Below expectations
5 – Some concerns
The Fortnightly grades are sent by e-mail to parents.

2. End of Term Reports

At the end of the Autumn and Summer terms you will be sent a report by e-mail. Remove also receive full reports at the end of the Spring term.

3. Parents Evenings

These are useful occasions to discuss progress and are timetabled throughout the Spring term. If you are unable to attend the designated evening for a year group, please contact the office who may be able to arrange an alternative.

In the Summer Term, induction evenings are held for all year groups to prepare for the following school year. All parents are very welcome, including parents of children who are about to join the school.


Prep is set on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Class 4 do prep only on a Monday, during school time. Shell and Midway do one prep per evening; if they do so at school then they can be picked up at 6pm. Upper and Remove do two preps per evening.