Art Key Stage 1

Curriculum Co-ordinator: Simone Edwards

At Saint Ronan’s we want the children to enjoy Art and be creative, stimulated and challenged.

Art begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage, within the learning area of ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. The children have the opportunity to explore Art at their own level every day, during child-initiated activities. As the children progress to Key Stage 1, Art is taught more formally, with set lessons each week. For Years 1 and 2, these are organised mainly through the topics taught each term, as well as more specific Art activities, where the children look at artists and imitate techniques within their own work. Children record their work in their own sketch book.




Squirrels & Owls

Drawing and painting:
Self Portraits
Observational drawing
Art and Craft related to topics
Collage and Textiles:
Investigating Textiles
Art and Craft related to topics
Sculpting from Nature
Art and Craft related to topics

Otters & Badgers

Drawing and Painting:
Drawing –from observation
Painting – colour mixing
Print making/Buildings:
Printing – architecture
Digital media – portraits
Textiles and Collage:
Textiles – fabric collage