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Bodiam at its best!

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The Otters, Badgers and Foxes had a wonderful trip to Bodiam . The castle was looking magnificent in the winter sunshine, although we were glad to have brought our coats, gloves and hats with us! We had a super tour of the castle, spotting the many different rooms from the Chapel to the Grand Hall and the children learned about the people who lived and worked there. Sir Edward Dallyngrigge and his wife Lady Elizabeth lived in comfortable splendour  with thirty-three fireplaces and over a hundred servants looking after the castle. A highlight of the trip was an excellent session in the armour room where all the children had the chance to try on the surprisingly heavy armour, wield a sword and a shield and imagine themselves as pages from long ago. On our short trip back to school we reflected on how lucky we are to have such a perfect castle almost on our doorstep!

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