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Clara S Wins Gold Again!

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At the second national junior competition of the year we had Clara S fencing in the U9s, Aggie E and Lottie B in the U11s and Liv E in the more competitive U13s. While all did well, Clara brought home her second shining gold medal of the season.


Lottie and Aggie took a while to find their feet in the pool rounds, though Lottie did better initially. Her forceful attacks caught many an opponent off guard and she acquired a number of victories in the first round. Aggie fought better in the second pool round, remembering her strong parries and riposting well. They ended up neck and neck as 8th and 9th after the pools and – unfairly – had to fence against each other in the knockout round. Lottie won and then faced the number 1 seed. She lost, but not without putting up a good fight. Lottie ended up 7th and Aggie 10th.


Things started well for Clara, who also had to fence U9 boys, and she only lost one fight (against a boy). In the second round she rallied and didn’t lose a bout, taking a cool revenge on the boy that had dared to defy her. With a straight set of victories she went into the DEs placed first. With only one wobble against the number 2 fencer, Clara won convincingly and took home gold.


Liv had a more difficult struggle, fencing girls that had been on the piste for at least four years when she first started fencing in September. Considering this, she did fantastically and brought home countless points. Though nerves did take over now and then, she fought well in the main, bringing some excellent parries to bear and winning good points. She ended up 15th, a result to be proud of.


Well done to all fencers who showed such dedication, enthusiasm and excellent fighting spirit.

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