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Class 4 and Shell House Gala Report

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A Class 4 and Shell House Gala took place on Thursday 7th June at the Weald Sports Centre in Cranbrook. The House Gala gives all our children the opportunity to experience a competitive swimming gala in a friendly environment. Sporting colourful House caps, the children swam in a range of individual and team events.

The first event was the U9 Freestyle races and these were won by Lottie B (P), Dylan E (P), Amy-Mae H (B), Clara S (T), Octavia D (S), William W (S), Evie W (P), Tom R (B), Libby H (B) and Freddie S (T). Libby H was the fastest girl with a time of 19.58s and Freddie S the fastest boys in 22.45s.


The winners of the U10 Freestyle races were Kitty RR, Ruby M (P), Wilby W (T), Cordelia E (T), Esme C (T), Anya R (S), Hugo C (B), Millie D-H (S), Ned T (P), Lottie H (S), and Rory B (B). Lottie H was the fastest girl in a time of 18.46s and Rory B was the fastest boy in 19.72s. Well done to Ned T, who also managed to swim the 25m in less than 20 seconds with his time of 19.84s.


Levi R (B) won the U9 25m Backstroke in a time of 28.15s and Millie D-H (S) won the U10 Backstroke in 22.39s.

The U9 25m Breaststroke was won by Sydney W (S) 28.63s and the U10 Breaststroke by Lottie H (S) in 25.65s.

At this point Bicton were leading, followed by Selden, then Tongswood and then Pembroke. However, the relays are worth double points so there was potential for much change.

gala2 gala3

Tongswood won the first U9 Freestyle Relay and Bicton won the second. Tongswood won the first U10 Freestyle Relay and Pembroke won the second. At this point a verruca sock fell off midrace, and was eagerly rescued and returned to its owner!

The Selden team of Eddie B, Oscar B, Flora H, Sydney W won the U9 Medley Relay and the Bicton team of Rory B, Rachel B, Hannah C, Ruby A won the exciting U10 Medley Relay.


The final race is a firm test of skill, stamina and character – the 100m Individual Medley. Well done to Anna B who showed great bravery in stepping up to swim for Pembroke at the last moment. The race was wonderful to watch. Lottie H (S) finished third and Rachel B (B) came second. Huge congratulations to Darcey G (T) who swam superbly to win the event in an impressive time of 1m 56.94s.

When Mrs Hinchliffe added the scores up the Houses were placed as follows:
Bicton –First; Tongswood –Second; Selden –Third; Pembroke –Fourth.



It was thrilling to see the children swimming so well across this 25m pool, and credit goes to Mr Fox, Mrs Hinchliffe and Mr Kanzig; the work being done in PE lessons is certainly bearing fruit. Well done to all the children, particularly those for whom it was their first experience of a swimming gala. You co-operated, displayed courage and perseverance, and supported each other with kindness and gentleness. gala7


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