Head of Department: Emma Morrell

Latin lessons at Saint Ronan’s are aimed at bringing the language alive. Pupils are encouraged to spot the similarities between Latin and modern languages and understand how Latin helps us with our own language as well as learn about the lives of the Ancient Romans. All pupils start learning Latin from Midway and nearly all pupils continue to Common Entrance or Scholarship standard at age 13.

In Midway, pupils have their first introduction to the Latin language via the Cambridge Latin Course. This course is packed with stories in Latin which provide an enjoyable and carefully paced introduction to the language, complemented by background information on Roman culture and civilisation.

There are plenty of opportunities to act out stories and plays in Latin, which pupils enjoy immensely. In addition to the wealth of materials provided by the Cambridge Latin Course textbook, pupils are also encouraged to access the Cambridge Latin Course software and website at Here they can consolidate their learning through using interactive programmes, which test their vocabulary, allow them to explore the stories and even take virtual tours around Roman houses and the streets of Pompeii!








Introduction: Why Latin?
Stages 1-4 of the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC)
Nominative and accusative 
Present tense verbs
Sentence structure 
Cardinals 1-20
Basic translation skills
Background: Daily Life, Pompeian houses
Stages 5-7 of CLC
Perfect and imperfect tenses
Suppression of the subject
Regular use of CLC software in lessons to allow for differentiation
Background: the Theatre in Popmeii (mask project), Slaves and freedmen

Preparation for CE work
Consolidation of vocabulary learnt
Nominative and Accusative 
Revision of present, perfect and imperfect tenses Writing sentences in Latin

Background: Gladiators




1st and 2nd conjugation verbs (present, future, perfect, imperfect)
2nd declension nouns
Comparative and superlative
nos and vos
sum, possum, nolo and volo (present tense)
Background: Entertainment, the baths
Direct questions (-ne?)
Translation practice
Composition and manipulation of language (English to Latin)
Vocabulary consolidation (introducing CE sheets and flashcards)
CE practice papers 

Background: Roman clothing, coming of age ceremonies

CE practice papers

sum, possum, nolo and volo (imperfect, perfect and future tenses)
3rd conjugation verbs and 3rd declension nouns (Set 1)
Grammar revision
Vocabulary consolidation
Background: Roman dinner parties, beliefs about life after death




Revision of cases 
Revision of present, perfect, imperfect indicative active (of all verbs in defined vocabulary list)
Prepositions (revision)
sum (all tenses)
CE practice papers Level 1
Background: Marriage
Infinitive active
Direct questions (-ne?)
Simple temporal clauses (ubi)
CE practice papers Level 1
Vocabulary revision (using CE sheets and flashcards)
hic and ille
possum and eo
Background: Revision of CE topics
Grammar revision 
CE practice papers

Remove sets 1&2


3rd declension nouns (recap)
3rd declension adjectives
Pluperfect tense
Adjectives ending in -is
sum, possum, nolo and volo (revise all tenses)
Declensions of ego, tu, nos, vos, se
Scholarship practice papers and further grammar
Background: Marriage
Infinitive active
hic, is and ille
nonne and num
fero and eo
Reflexive pronouns
quamquam (concessive clauses) 
Cardinals: 21-100 and mille
Background: Revision of CE topics
Grammar revision 
CE practice papers