Cranbrook Entrance

Cranbrook is one of the very few State Schools still offering an entrance exam at age 13. It is obviously selective and its stated objective is “to admit children likely to flourish on a broad range of subjects, taught in a style appropriate to the top 25% of the ability range, capable of at least 6 grades at GCSE and intending to go on to AS and A2 work”.

Those who wish to take the tests for Cranbrook should first check (as early as in Year 6) that the children concerned are of a suitable ability, by contacting William Trelawny-Vernon or James Green.

The admission policy for Cranbrook only involves a Verbal Reasoning paper, a piece of English free writing and a maths paper. For entry to Cranbrook from 2020 onwards, the tests will follow a different format. There will be a Cognitive Assessment Test (referred to as a ‘CAT’ test). This is an online test (produced by Granada Learning) which tests developed ability in four cognitive domains: verbal, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial. Scores are adjusted for age so that each candidate has a ‘standardised score’. Cranbrook School will be responsible for setting the pass threshold every year.

The children are prepared for the entrance test by extra tuition and practice sessions. Cranbrook ‘mocks’ are organised prior to the entrance test for day candidates. James Green oversees the children’s preparation and is available to answer your questions.

The key dates for the year ahead are:

  • Wednesday 31st October 2018, deadline for the registration of candidates (by parents);
  • Saturday 17th November 2018, entrance test for Year 9 entry