Creative Development Foundation

Children are provided with experiences and support which help them to develop in the following ways:


Being CreativeTo respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch or feel. As a result of these encounters, to express and communicate their own ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Exploring Media and MaterialsIndependent and guided exploration and engagement with a widening range of media and materials. Finding out about, thinking about and working with colour, texture, shape, space and form – in two and three dimensions.

Creating Music and DanceIndependent and guided explorations of sound, movement and music. Focusing on how sounds can be made and changed and how sounds can be recognised and repeated from a pattern. Ways of exploring movement, matching movements to music and singing simple songs from memory.

Developing Imagination and Imaginative PlayTo develop and build imagination through stories, role-plays, imaginative play, dance, music, design, and art.

Beyond the EYFS

MusicReading of basic rhythmic notation, recognition of melodic patterns, an awareness of harmony, identification of basic forms and an introduction to texture and timbres in music. An awareness of good vocal technique lays a solid foundation for singing in the school.