Head of Department: Philippa Gibson

Drama is seen as an important activity at Saint Ronan’s and contributes to the personal development of the children, as well as enriching their approach to subjects dealing with literacy or performance. With the emphasis on fun, we aim to foster an enthusiasm for Drama and to that end we offer a number of opportunities for pupils to perform throughout the year, in addition to weekly Drama lessons for Years 3, 4 and 5.

In Drama lessons, pupils gain in confidence and develop listening and speaking skills. Their awareness of others and ability to co-operate is enhanced, and they are able to carry their creative ideas through into action in a process of co-operation, performance and review. Amongst other things, pupils learn techniques such as still-imaging and thought-tracking, and devise their own work using these skills.

From Midway onwards, Drama is available as an extra-curricular activity, with a Senior Production performed in the Spring Term and a Junior Production in the Summer term. Rehearsals take place on Friday afternoon.  The children in Shell, Midway, Upper and Remove performed ‘The Lion King’ at the end of the Spring Term, 2018, and the children in Classes 3 & 4 performed ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss in the Summer Term.