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Fencers Take on Poland

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At the weekend top Ronian fencers Amelie G and Clara S, both supported by their families, flew to Wroclaw to participate in an annual international youth fencing tournament, the Challenge Wratislavia. Luckily the girls’ fencing was better than their Polish (just try pronouncing Wroclaw), and they had a fantastic day.
Never having been to an international tournament, both Amelie and Clara were blown away by the sheer scale: the tournament was in a huge indoor stadium that had 24 pistes squeezed into it. And the fencing itself was on a much higher level than anything you get to see in the UK. It was like watching a film in fast forward. But both adapted well and Amelie, in the very tough U15 category, managed to win a bout and score some other good points. Clara (in the U11s) won half of her pool bouts and went on to win her first DE fight, too, but then lost against the number 3 seed.
Final rankings were Amelie 93/117 and Clara 30/59, both excellent results.
It was a great learning experience on piste and a fascinating insight into the world of top-level international fencing with fencers from more than 40 nations there on the day. Dr. k, who accompanied the girls as their coach, quite poignantly ran into his former fencing coach who had taught him how to fence epee many many years ago and was there with the Austrian fencing team.
Hopefully both Amelie and Clara will be back next year.








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