Geography Key Stage 1

Curriculum Co-ordinator: Andrea Bright

In our Geography learning at Saint Ronan’s Nursery and Pre-Prep, we aim to give the children an opportunity to find out about their world and the immediate area surrounding them. We aim to reveal to the children the wonders of their local area and to introduce them to the world, with all its variety and contrasts. With our outstanding grounds, Forest school, exciting trips and inspirational resources, we aim to add to their increasing knowledge of different cultures and environments and help them put their varied experiences into context.

We try to develop in our children:

• an enquiring mind eager to research themes and topics, using varied resources including maps and globes
• an ability to learn independently and to have their own ideas about how they may find out and discover
• a sense of place and the importance of their role in the local area by making full use of the wonderful grounds – the Pinetum, the woodlands (Forest school) and the ponds, through fieldwork and visiting other local areas
• an awareness of the wider world and the importance of their role in the world and their effects on it, by exposure to multicultural literature, maps and photographs





Squirrels & Owls

Near and Far
The Rainforest

Otters & Badgers

The World
Map skills
The Environment
Map skills
The British Isles