Head of Department: Tom Phillips

History is a vital subject in our ever changing and evolving world and throughout the school we aim to foster an interest in the subject and develop the critical skills to appreciate and understand Man’s role in our past.

The knowledge, skills and understanding that we will be including in our teaching are outlined below:


Chronological understanding

Including the ability to place events, people and changes into their correct periods of time and the ability to use dates & vocabulary relating to the passing of time.


Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past

Pupils will learn about:

• Characteristic features of the periods and societies studied, including the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children in the past.
• The social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the societies studied, in Britain and the wider world.
• To identify and describe reasons for, and results of, historical events, situations, and changes in the periods studied.
• To describe and make links between the main events, situations and changes within and across the different periods and societies studied.


Historical interpretation

Pupils will learn to recognize that the past is represented and interpreted in different ways and to give reasons for this.


Historical enquiry

Pupils will learn to find out about History from an appropriate range of sources of information, including ICT-based sources (e.g. documents, printed sources, CD-ROMS, databases, pictures and photographs, music, artefacts, historic buildings and visits to museums, galleries and other sites). They will also learn to ask and answer questions, and to select and record information relevant to the focus of the enquiry.


Organization and communication

Pupils will learn to:

• Recall, select and organize historical information
• Use dates and historical vocabulary to describe the periods studied
• Communicate their knowledge and understanding of history in a variety of ways (e.g. drawing, writing, by using ICT).




Class 3

World War II Romans Anglo-Saxons

Class 4

Vikings Normans Plantagenets


Early Tudors Late Tudors Stuarts


Hanoverians Victorians The 20th Century


William I and Henry II Richard I and John 100 Years War


Black Death & Peasants’ Revolt Document question preparation Exam preparation