Fees from September 2017


Prep School Boarding £7,017 per term
Prep School Tuition £5,810 per term
Y3 Fees £5,451 per term
Pre-Prep Day Tuition £3,390 per term
Nursery Morning Sessions £37 per Session*
Nursery All Day Sessions £55 per Session*
Nursery Afternoon Sessions £30 per Session*
Boarding £36.90 per night including supper & breakfast


Sibling Discount – At any time that there are three or more children from one family in the school, there will be a reduction of 20% of basic fees for the third oldest.

* Excluding Early Years Funding

This note should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions Parent Contract (The Contract).  If there is any dispute between this note and the Contract the clauses of the Contract shall prevail.

School fees and additional charges may be paid in one of three ways:

  • Termly / Monthly Direct Debit
  • Fees in Advance Scheme

Direct Debit (DD)


Termly payment of School Fees by DD will be made as follows: On the 27th day of the month (or soonest thereafter), the Autumn term and Spring term fees will be collected in September,  December and March respectively.


Fees may be paid Monthly by Direct Debit

One-quarter of the relevant term’s fee will be collected on the first working day of each month, as follows: 


Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
August December April
September (+extras) January May (+extras)
October February(+extras) June
November March July


Any additional charges (extras) arising from the previous term are collected with the September, February and May DD.

If a DD should fail then the balance of the fees due becomes immediately payable.

The School may, at the discretion of the Bursar, accept fee payments by other methods than DD,  in these cases payment in full needs to be made before the start of each term. 

The School operates a scheme under which a family member, or someone else with the consent of the parents, may make an advance payment of fees by depositing a lump sum in the general funds of the School at any time after a place at the School has been accepted.  In exchange for the Advance Payment, the School allows a discount in the fees, calculated at compound rates of interest, currently 2.5% (May 2018).

An Advance Payment should be made by cheque or BACS and may cover any number of terms subject to a minimum of three terms and a maximum of the number of terms that would take the pupil up to the end of Year 8.  Payments in cash cannot be accepted.

Current universal entitlement is for to up to 5 x 3hour free education sessions from the term following their 3rd birthday until the term following that in which their 5th birthday falls.  Subject to qualification children may be eligible for extended hours funding which allows up to further 5×3 hour free education sessions.

The amount of this entitlement is subject to changes in Government policy.

Childcare Vouchers may be used to pay for childcare for children up to the age of 16. This means that  After School Clubs, Breakfasts, Suppers, Holiday Clubs Nursery education and Boarding are covered but other Extras are not.

To be eligible for the vouchers you need to be employed. This ‘salary sacrifice scheme’ would be a variance to your Terms and Conditions of Employment and would save you money on tax and National Insurance*

Further information can be found at:



Employers can pay vouchers directly to the School or through an Internet-based voucher provider.

For further information on these Fees and Extras payment methods please contact the Bursar or Finance Manager (01580 754 318).

*From 5 October 2018, childcare voucher schemes will close to new applicants. You may be able to get Tax-Free Childcare instead.

You can keep getting vouchers if you’ve joined a scheme and get your first voucher before the scheme closes in October 2018, as long as:

• you stay with the same employer and they continue to run the scheme

• you do not take an unpaid career break of longer than a year