Fees from September 2016


Prep School Tuition £5,641 per term
Y3 Fees £5,292 per term
Pre-Prep Day Tuition £3,291 per term
Nursery Morning Sessions £36 per Session*
Nursery All Day Sessions £53 per Session*
Nursery Afternoon Sessions £29 per Session*
Boarding £36 per night including supper & breakfast


Sibling Discount – At any time that there are three or more children from one family in the school, there will be a reduction of 20% of basic fees for the third oldest.

* Before credits for Early Years Funding

Payment of School Fees is by Direct Debit.  The School  runs a fees in advance scheme. Details of fee payment options are to be found on the fee payment options download.

School Fees Insurance
Fee Payment Methods

Saint Ronan’s participates in the Early Years Free Entitlement Scheme for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.


These may be used to pay for:

• Education in the Nursery
• After School Clubs
• Boarding Fees

Please consult your financial advisor to determine which scheme is best for you.