School Uniform


school-uniform-imgSaint Ronan’s has a unique approach to its everyday uniform. After all, children work best if they are relaxed and happy in their surroundings, as well as their trousers! We operate a relaxed dress code with a multitude of different coloured school sweatshirts, including pink, green, red, purple, light blue and navy. Girls wear cord trousers, skirts or pinafores; boys wear cord trousers and a polo shirt.

On Fridays or for trips out, the children also have a formal uniform. This consists of a dark blue and Cambridge blue striped blazer, worn with dark grey trousers, a white shirt and school tie for boys and with a dark blue pleated skirt and white blouse for girls.


The school shop is open from 12:00am until 5:30pm every Wednesday during term time. It is also open on the Wednesday immediately before each term begins and on various dates during the Summer holiday on a strict appointment basis.

Uniform items can also be purchased from Uniformbase online.

Uniformbase can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: 01634 407217
Email: [email protected]

It is of paramount importance, and the school policy, that all pupils have a mouthguard in order to perform safely in sports such as Hockey, Lacrosse and Rugby. This is in line with guidelines set down by the ruling bodies of the sports associations. Pupils will not be allowed to participate in lessons or fixtures in these activities without one.

In order to facilitate this, OPRO, the national dental mouthguard association, visits Saint Ronan’s annually, the day before the Autumn term commences (during kit drop off) to take impressions for custom-fitted mouthguards. You will be informed by the school each year, should you wish to book an appointment. If your son/daughter already has a mouthguard, please check that it still fits correctly each season as growth does limit their life.