School’s Aims

The School’s aims are:

1. To provide an excellent all-round education with a wide and suitable range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities

2. To provide inspiring teaching which promotes both strong learning and achievement

3. To encourage the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development so that the children develop as competent citizens

4. To provide highly effective pastoral support and guidance so that the children feel safe and secure

5. To maintain a constructive relationship with parents and guardians

6. To ‘mind the magic’.

The Ethos of the School:

The school has a distinctive character and it is this charm, this magic, that people fall in love with. It is a family school with an informal and happy atmosphere where staff are approachable and mud unremarkable. In a world where children seem to grow up ever faster, Saint Ronan’s provides a happy environment for children to remain just that. We want the children to enjoy school, relish the opportunities offered and be inspired to work hard, to be kind, gentle, courteous and honest.