Learning Support

Written by SENDCO Lucy Taggart

Saint Ronan’s aims to provide a range of educational opportunities suited to the interests, aptitudes and needs of the children in its care. The provision for those children with special educational needs was judged by the School Inspectorate (ISI inspection, 2013) to be ‘excellent’.

All teachers in the Prep School set suitable learning challenges for the children and respond to children’s diverse learning needs. Some children have barriers to learning which means they have special needs and require particular action by the school. Teachers take account of these requirements and make provision, where necessary, but sometimes these children may also need individual learning support lessons with one of our specialist Learning Support Teachers.

Any child who is identified as ‘struggling’ to make progress in the classroom, or whose assessment profile warrants further analysis, is referred to the Learning Support Department and an ‘in-school’ assessment is carried out by our SENDCO. From here it is identified whether the child would benefit from extra learning support (in the form of one-to-one lessons) and whether an external referral is necessary to diagnose any specific learning or behavioural difficulty. This is organised by the school SENDCO, who liaises with all members of staff, providing essential information prior to the assessment. All learning support teachers hold a specific ‘DYSLEXIA’ qualification. The cost of additional tuition is carried by the parents.

Any child receiving individual tuition will have an Individual Pupil Profile (IPP) written by their learning support teacher and their English/Maths teacher and made available to all subject teachers. The subject teachers will then take into account its classroom recommendations.

As well as one-to-one support, pupils with educational needs may be supported in the classroom by a TA in Year 3.

Children with an Educational Psychologist’s recommendation may be permitted extra time in their internal and external examinations (typically 25%). Some children may require a reader or a writer (an amanuensis). Such help would be provided by the Learning Support Department and any peripatetic staffing costs incurred will be charged to the parent in the same way as private lessons.

Critical to the development of all children at Saint Ronan’s is the celebration and extension of areas of strength and talent. All children show personal areas of strength and skill and can therefore feel successful and valued at every stage of their school life. The atmosphere of security and encouragement, coupled with careful and structured long-term support, ensures that children develop to their full potential in areas they find more challenging.

The Prep School Learning Support Department is based in OXO, Cabbage Patch, The Grub Store and Krakatoa. LT’s classroom is The Incubator.

The team consists of:

Mrs Lucy Taggart (SENDCO) – B.A. Hons., PGCE, SEN Diploma
Mrs Carolyn Freeman – BEd, University of Cambridge, Dyslexia Institute Maths Programme
Mrs Jane Ryland – BA Hons, PGCE, SEN Diploma
Mrs Mary Woolgar – MA, University of St. Andrews, SEN Diploma
Mrs Kathy Wright – BEd (Hons), SEN Diploma
Mrs Jo Miller – BA (Hons), PGCE, SEN Diploma
Mrs Marie Bottle – BA (Hons), SEN Diploma