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London’s Fencing
In their biggest showing to date, 6 Ronian fencers descended on the state-of-the-art Leon Paul fencing centre: Angus H fenced in the U13 boys, Liv E in the U13 girls, Amelie G in the U15 girls and Aggie E, Flora H and Clara S in the U11 girls.

It was Angus’s first competition and he remained undaunted and focused throughout. He clocked up two wins in the pool rounds, making good use of his reach to lunge and stop-cut. He lost his first DE round against a much stronger opponent, but ended the competition as 21/25. A great beginning!

Liv had not fenced for a while, so she was understandably a little rusty. Nonetheless she fenced well and won a pool fight with good parry-ripostes. Ranked 11th after the pools, she then faced the number 6. She fenced valiantly, but lost a very respectful 5-10. Her final position was 11/12.

Amelie was fencing with a full-sized sword for the first time. Although outmatched by the girls who have been fencing for longer and more intensely, she held her own very well, winning one pool fight and narrowly losing a handful more. As always her fencing was elegant and fast and (at times) thoughtful. She came a very good 6/6 overall.

The three U11 girls had mixed fortunes. All won a number of pool fights, which is always good for confidence. Flora parried well and garnered many a point this way. Aggie attacked aggressively and parried well making her a difficult opponent. Clara sallied forth with fast attacks and made some quick unexpected parries, dominating many a fight. After the pools the ranks were: Flora 12th, Aggie 9th and Clara 3rd. Flora lost her fight against the no. 5 honourably 5-10. Aggie faced the number 8 and rallied well after a difficult start, but eventually lost 8-10. Clara won her first DE fight against the no. 6 a very convincing 10-2, and thus entered the semi-final. Here her nerves deserted her and she lost to the subsequent silver medallist 2-10. The final rankings were Clara 3/12, Aggie 9 and Flora 12, meaning Clara won bronze, which is a great achievement considering she’s only just moved up to the U11s.

Well done to all and a huge thank you to all the parents who gave up their Sunday to support their fencers.





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