After School Clubs

We appreciate that, for busy parents, a 3.30pm finish to the school day is a little too early. We therefore offer an extended day, until 5.10pm.  Nursery children can join the ‘Mini-Club’, which runs after school every day. The children stay in the Nursery cottage and garden, with staff that are familiar to them. They are free to play with their friends and enjoy a ‘high tea’ of sandwiches, cake and fruit.

Art Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Monday 3.30 – 5.10

Ballet Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Wednesday with Sarah Denman

Girls and boys can learn ballet in the Great Space on the sprung floor. Tuition is provided by Sarah Denman. This is an Extra and runs from 3.30-4pm for Year 1 and Year 2 and 12.45-1.15pm for Reception. Nursery ballet is on Friday morning.

Cricket Club

Terms: Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Tuesdays with Tim Fox 3.30-5.10pm

Children can improve their cricket skills in the Founder’s Hall or out in the grounds.

Drama Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Years 1 & 2 • Wednesday with Chrissie Yates 3.30-5.10pm
Join the Drama Club, taught by Chrissie of the Yew Tree Performing Arts Academy. Children will follow the Trinity Guildhall syllabus, with an option to take a Speech and Drama or Performance exam.

Fencing Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Years 1 & 2 • Monday with Dr Kossuth 3.30-4pm

Fencing is not only fun (where else can you recreate all the swashbuckling excitement of a sword fight?) but also a great way to improve mobility and co-ordination. Each session consists of fencing-related exercises and games and finishes with bouts.

Football Club

Terms: Autumn & Spring •Years 1 & 2 • Tuesday with Mr Fox 3.30-5.10pm

Boys and girls can extend their Football skills with specialist coaching and have the opportunity to play Football (whatever the weather) in the Founder’s Hall.

Forest School Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Years 1 & 2 • Thursday with Anna Day and Gemma Grierson Rickford 3.30-5.10pm

Whatever the weather, the children will begin their activities in Tongswood, learning to tie knots, make shelters and dens, collecting and exploring.

Friday Funday Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Year 1 and 2 Fridays 3.30-5.10pm

Children can enjoy a variety of activities and games which we don’t have time for in the busy school day!

Fun on the Farm

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Years 1 & 2     Mondays with Karen 3.30-5.10pm

The children can enjoy some extra time on the Farm. They might be collecting eggs, feeding and cleaning out or helping Debbie with other jobs to keep the animals safe and healthy.

Judo Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1and 2 • Wednesday with Sarah Burkett 3.30-4.00pm

This is a popular Extra for Pre-Prep. Sarah gets the children to competition level in the Prep School.

Mini Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Nursery & Reception • Every day 3.30-5.10pm

A range of activities will be provided for the youngest children by the teachers who care for them every day. The children will be in familiar surroundings in the Nursery or Reception classrooms and gardens.


Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Year 2   Monday, Wednesday or Thursday with Jamie Lynch 3.30-5.10pm

After a health & safety briefing, Jamie will take the children down to Tongswood to try their off-roading skills. Children need to bring their own bike and helmet for this club.

Rounders Club

Terms: Summer •Year 1 & 2 • Tuesdays with Natalie Hinchliffe 3.30-5.10pm

Children will be able to improve their rounders’ skills in the Founder’s Hall or out in the grounds.


A fun and exciting way to boost enjoyment and
learning across Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM).

Wind Down Wednesday

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 and 2 • Wednesday 3.30-5.10pm

The children will be able to choose from a variety of activities and games that they never have time for in a busy school day!


Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1and 2 • Thursday with Hayley Sanderson  3.30-5.10pm

The children may experience the benefits of yoga, with Hayley, in Bumble Bee.