Roll of Honour

The school remembers with sadness and pride the part played by its old boys in times of armed conflict. It also remembers the men of the Tongswood Estate who died in the First World War. The names of the old boys are commemorated in the School Chapel; the names of the men of Tongswood, on the Memorial Stone

A total of one hundred and thirty old boys saw active service in the First World War. Of which thirty were killed (a proportion of just under 1 in 4). Twenty five were awarded military distinctions a list which included seven DSOs and ten MCs.

We do not have a full list of the number of old boys who fought in the Second World War, however, forty were known to have been killed. A total of eighty one distinctions were won of which were fifteen DSOs, thirteen MCs, & seven DFCs.

What follows is the beginnings of a digital archive. Any further biographic details would be very gratefully received.


The Boer War (1899-1901)- Old Boys


Dates at SRS

Senior School


Date of death


Arnell, A.W.





First names could be Ashley W

Kerans, P




8 June 1900

First names: Percy Lyons.  Died in Kroonstad.  Was a Lieutenant in Roberts Horse Regiment of South Africa Field Force.

Smellie, N.W.





First names: Norman William

World War I (1914-18)- Men of Tongswood



Date of death


Collins, Spencer




Cook, James




Gunther, Charles Emil Lt

2nd Life Guards

24th Sept 1918 (st Quentin)

See photo and notice in hall before chapel

Gunther, Norman Otto Fredick Lt

Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles

11th July 1917 (Monchy Le Pruex)

See photo and notice in hall before chapel. Awarded the Victoria Cross.

Handscombe, Frederick




Mennie, Alexander




Moore, Percy




Potter, Charles




Rich, Frank




Stanbridge, Percy




Weller, Henry




Wicken, Herbert




World War I (1914-18)- Old Boys

Name Dates at SRS Senior School Regiment /unit Date of death  
Bostock ,Lt. E.L. 1896-99 Haileybury 4th Battalion., Royal Sussex Regiment 5th April 1917 First names: Edward Lyon.  1911 census shows farming in Canada. Father is a doctor.  One of 10 children.
Bostock, Lt.N.S. 1896-1901 Haileybury “B” Battery. 162nd Brigade., Royal Field Artillery. 22nd April 1917 First names: Neville Stanley. 1911 census shows farming in Canada.  Father is a doctor.  One of 10 children.
Cartland ,Capt G.T. 1905-06 Winchester College 1st Bn, Rifle Brigade 1st July 1916 First names: George Trevor
Coldham, 1st Lt. G.H. 1906-11 Repton School Machine Gun Corps, 64th Battalion 17th September 1916 First names: George Herbert.  1911 census shows as boarder aged 14 at St Ronan’s School.  Died in France.
Cornish ,1st Lt. P.V. 1897-1902 Wellington Middlesex Regiment First names: Philip Victor.  1911 census shows him as a boarder at St Ronan’s.
Crick, 1st Lt. W.H.R. 1904-10 Lancing College D Company, 2/4th Battalion Dorset Regiment 9th April 1918
Delap, 2nd Lt. J.F.B. 1908-12 Repton School 8th Yorkshires, 1st Battalion 18th October 1916. First names: John Follansbee Bredin. Aged 19 year. Father Reverend.
Frank, 1st Lt. R.J.B. 1897-1901 Haileybury 4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regt. 6th June 1916 First names: Robert James Brownlaw. Died in Ismalia in Egypt.
Gameson, Lt. G.H.M. 1900-05 Blundells School 3rd Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers 14th March 1917 First names: George Henry Molyneux.
Goodall ,2nd Lt. G.L.M. 1902-08 East Lancashire Regiment, 3rd Battalion 9th May 1915 First names: George Mortimer Langdon
Hadley, Capt P.S. 1906-09 Charterhouse Northants Regt 24th October 1918 First names: Peyton Sheldon.  Medals: MC.  Died at 23 years.
Heygate, Capt C.R. 1895-1900 Radley King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1st July 1916 First names: Claud Raymond. Medals: Victory and British.
Holberton, Lt.-Col. P.V. 1891-93 Shrewsbury Manchester Regt. 26th March 1918 First names: Philip Vaughan.  Medals: Victory, British and 1915 Star.
Hughes, 2nd Lit. L.H. 1904-10 Lancing (Exh) 3rd North Staffs 29th October 1914 First names: Lionel Holford
De Mussenden Leathes, 2nd Lit. R.H. 1909-14 Studied abroad “B” Bty. 62nd Bde ,Royal Field Artillery 18th April 1917 First names: Robert Herbert.
Maidlow , Major J.S. 1888-89 St  Pauls Royal Artillery 23rd August 1914 Medals: Victory, British and 1914 star. Died at Le Mons.
Matheson ,2nd Lt . R.K. 1903-06 Wellington 20th Royal West Kent regt 8th Sept 1916 First names: Roderick Kyrle. Medals: Victory, British and 1914/15 star. He died whilst a prisoner of war.
Matheson ,Capt I.K. 1903-06 Wellington 2nd Seaforth Highlanders 13th May 1917 First names: Ian Kenneth. Brother of Alexander Percival Matheson.
Matheson, Lt. A.P. 1903-06 Wellington 55th squadron, Royal Flying Corps 13th July 1917 First names: Alexander Percival.  Fought in Belgium.  Medals:Victory, Britsh, 14 and 15 star. Buried in Belgium.  Age 19 years.
Father was Sir Alexander Perceval Matheson and mother Lady Eleanor Matheson.
Morgan, R.C. 1891-93
Nelson, 1st Lt. W.H.V. 1904-09 Westminster (Sch) Sherwood Foresters 18th July 1916 First names:   William Horace Vere.  Died of wounds.  King George’s Coronation medal.  Died 20 years.
Plant, 2nd Lt. H.C.F. 1904-07 North Staffs 3rd May 1917 First names: Holford Charles Foundrivier
Medals: Victory and British medals.  Died aged 22 years. Buried at Arras.
Raymond-Barker, 1st Lt. C.L. 1905-06 Harrow Rifle Brigade 12th Battalion (The Princes Consort’s Own) 25th September 1915 First names: Cecil Langton. Killed at Loos aged 23 years.
Richardson ,1st Lt. D.B. 1903-07 Greshams Royal Engineers and Royal Flying Corps 29th July 1916 First names: Douglas Birch. Died in France.  His rank was captain when he died.  Shows studying as an engineer at 18.
Tanner, 1st Lt. J.H. 1902-05 Lancing College 10th (Service) Battalion Hampshire Regt 15th Sept 1916 First names: John Howard
Died in Macedonia.
Tillyer, Lt. R.B.B. 1902-07 Haileybury “C” Coy. 1st Battalion., Royal Warwickshire Regiment 25th April 1915 First names: Richard Bateson Blunt
Records show wounded and missing.  They show killed in action. Medals: British, Victory and 1914 Star.
Vaisey ,Capt R. M. 1897-1900 Shrewsbury Royal Field Artillery, 36 bde 7th September 1918 First names: Roland Maddison.  Killed in action. Age 31 years.  Father was a solicitor.
The 1911 census shows Roland’s profession as solicitor. 1901 census shows him as a border at Shrewsbury where he was from 1900 – 1903.
Walker, 2nd Lt. A. G. 1899-1903 Haileybury  4th North Staffs 17th May 1915 First names: Archdale Gillam.  Died at Festubert, France. Medals: British, Victory and 1915 Star. Was Captain when he died. Aged 25 years.  His father was a civil servant.  1901 census shows him as a border at St Ronan’s school.
Boyd-Wallis, 2nd Lt. D 1902-05 Cheltenham College Connaught Rangers, 3rd Battalion 23rd July 1915 First names: Duncan Boyd. Attached to Royal Munster Fusilliers. Died of wounds at Choques near Béthune. On his 24th birthday.  Medals victory, british and 1915 star.
1911 census was student at Cambridge University aged 19 years.
Wynter, Capt. C.D., DSO 1894-97 Eton Irish Guards 5th October 1915 First names: Cecil Domville? Died 5th October 1915 of his wounds. Aged 32 years. Comments: Attached to 2nd Battalion.  Cecil Domville of Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire.  Address 17 Park Lane?  Wife: Margaret Constance Wynter. Received the Victory medal, British medal and 1915 Star medal.  2nd Battalion fighting in Battle of Loos in October 1915.Rudyard Kipling’s son John served in the 2nd Battalion and died on 27th September 1915.
National archives – WO 339/41541.The Manor House, a handsome mansion in the Elizabethan style, is at present occupied by Col. Walter Wynter (1897) Little Rissington.
DSO means distinguished service order – The order was established for rewarding individual instances of meritorious or distinguished service in war. It was a military order, until recently for officers only, and normally given for service under fire or under conditions equivalent to service in actual combat with the enemy.

World War II (1939-45)

Name Dates at SRS Senior School Regiment /unit Date of death  
Acland, F/Lt. S. J.D 1925-30 Stowe RAF (V.R) Died 30th December 1942.  Died of Pneumonia. No. 3 Camp Tokyo.  Buried Japan. POW, Malaya. First names: Simon John Dyke.  Died aged 26 years.
Arbuthnot, Major H.M. 1921-24 Eton R.A.S. Italy, 1943.
Beal. Capt. G.R.W 1913-16 Winchester 1943.
Biddulph, Capt. M.A. 1906-09 RNC Dartmouth Royal Engineers 1943 Germany
Bingay, 2nd Lieut. S.W.G. 1927-31 Rugby Royal Berks Regt. He was killed in a raid on Filton aerodrome (Bristol) on 25th September 1940 at the age of 22 with 14 of his platoon.
Bosworth-Smith, Lt. M.D. 1929-34 Harrow Royal Artillery Burma, 1945.
Bray, Capt. P.R. 1928-33 Eton Italy, 1944
Croft,  Capt.Sir James 1916-20 Eton Herefordshire Yeomanry
Cutlack, Capt. R.C. 1924-28 Wellington Cambridge Regt. Malaya, 1942
Dyson, Lt-Col. G. St J.A. 1902-06 Harrow POW.  Korea.
Eustace,  Lieut. J.P. , RN 1925-30 RNC Dartmouth (Sch)
Fergusson, Capt. C.C. 1931-35 Wellington Royal Artillery Normandy, 1944.
Gauvain,  S/Ldr. J.H. MB, 1925-29 Stowe RAFVR. 1944
Gregson, Major M.C. 1918-22 Greshams Royal Artillery 1942
Griffith,  Comdr. R.W. ,R.N 1915-19 RNC Dartmouth (Schol Osborne 1918) HMS Bermuda Died 1st April 1943. Washed overboard Robert Ward Griffith.
Gt Uncle of RVS
Hanbury, s/Ldr. P.H. C. DFC and Bar. 1929-33 Wellington Hamburg 1945.
Harper, Lieut. J.N. 1925-30 Wellington RAC Libya, 1941
Harvey, Major E.N.D. 1914-17 Wellington 1944.
Havers, Lt.-Comdr. P.H. ,R.N 1916-21 1943
Horne., Lieut. E.T.G. 1931-36 Wellington Italy, 1944
Hoyle, Capt. J.E. 1928-33 Marlborough Royal Artillery Holland, 1945.
Humphreys, Capt. N.M. . RM. 1919-22 St. Edmunds HMS Glorious
Jocelyn,  Mid. The Hon. J.C. 1935-37 RNC Dartmouth (Sch) HMS Barham 1941
Langdon, F/Lt. G.E. 1916-20 Wellington
Loveday, Lieut. J. , R.N. 1922-25 RNC Dartmouth (Sch) HMS Exmouth 1940
Macpherson, F/O. C.J. 1921-28 Stowe (Sch) 1943
Money,  2nd Lieut R.C. 1927-32 Wellington Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 1940
Morgan-Smith, W/Comdr. R.G.S. 1920-25 Wellington (Sch)
Penrose, Lt. D.J.O. 1929-30 Stowe Royal Dragoon Guards. Belgium, 1944.
Price, Lt.-Comdr. R.A. , DSO, RN 1921-25 RNC Dartmouth 1943
Robertson, Sub-Lt. D.P. , RN. 1927-32 Stowe HMS Ardent
Skinner, 2nd Lt. E.S. 1932-36 Eton Coldstream Guards. Salerno, 1943.
Skinner, Lt. J. 1930-34 Eton 19th Lancers. Burma, 1945
Thomas, Major R.H.J. ,MVO, 1915-19 Wellington Royal Horse Artillaery
Thomson,  2nd Lieut. D.A.G. 1929-31 Wellington Black Watch. 1940.
Trollop-Bellew, 2nd Lieut. A.F. 1933-35 Eton K.R.R. Libya 1942
Vaisey, J.R.M. 1924-29 Shrewsbury
Venables, Capt. J.H.C. 1927-32 Harrow Coldstream Guards. Middle East , 1943
Vogel, Brig.F.W. ,OBE. 1911-16 Harrow North Africa, 1942
Young, C.A.C. 1935-40 Bryanston