“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin


Children learn in many different ways, at different rates and with today’s technology to assist, learning is fun, enjoyable and memorable.  Our goal is give each child an opportunity to realise that they might not know how to do something ‘yet’. This makes every lesson a challenge and gives our children the determination to keep practising and experimenting.


In Reception classes the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where they learn personal, social and emotional skills, improve their communication and language skills and develop physically. Reading, writing and Mathematics are taught as dedicated lessons and are extended through their imaginative and purposeful play. The beautiful, historical setting helps children to understand the world around them and modern technology opens doors of discovery. Learning is not confined to inside the classroom but is enhanced through exploration in the Forest School and getting stuck in with the jobs on the farm. The natural talents and curiosity of each child is allowed to develop as children express themselves artistically, musically or dramatically.


In Years 1 and 2 the children are taught in dedicated lessons of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, ICT, French, Music, PE and RE. Practical activities, group learning, reporting and recording are all ways that children can share what they have learned with others and consolidate their own understanding. Taking their learning outside allows the children to put into practice their knowledge and helps them to solve everyday problems as they record the number of eggs laid this week or decide on the best angle for laying the logs when building a shelter in the Forest School.


Getting the learning right for each individual depends on experienced, highly qualified class teachers and teaching assistants working together with parents and specialist staff. The family atmosphere assists children to feel secure to aim high academically, musically and on the sports pitch. Music, PE and French are specialist taught subjects.


By the time the children have finished Year 2 they are ready to begin their next exciting journey through the Prep School and time is spent preparing them for this transition. Children leave the Pre-Prep with a greater independence, confidence in their own abilities and are socially and emotionally equipped for the challenges ahead. They are curious, imaginative, able to actively problem solve and think critically. All children are academically tracked from Nursery and achievement is above nationally expected levels.


The essence of the Nursery and Pre-Prep curriculum is one of care, continuity and careful planning of lessons, delivered within a department which values each individual child’s efforts to achieve the best that they can.

Key Stage 1

Numeracy | Literacy | Science | History | Geography | French | Information & Communication Technology | Religious Education | Shape | Art | Music | Physical Education

Foundation Stage

About the Foundation Stage | Personal, Social & Emotional Development | Communication and Language | Literacy | Mathematics | Understanding the World | Physical Development | Creative Development

Further Information

Academic Structure in the Nursery & Prep-prep | Special Needs Provision