The Pre-Prep Day

Our Pre-Prep day begins at 8:15am when the children are dropped off by their parents.   Registration is at 8:50am and formal lessons begin thereafter.


There are two breaks for the children during the day.  After a mid-morning savoury snack, with fruit and milk or water, the children play in Hyde Park.  At 12pm the Pre-Prep come together to have lunch in Pudding Lane.  After lunch, at 12:40pm, the children have another break for 40 minutes.  Nursery have their lunch in the Nursery, which provides a quieter atmosphere for the little ones.


The formal end to lessons is at 3:30pm but there are many After School Clubs on offer for Year 1s and Year 2s.  Please do have a look at the ASC page to see the range of clubs on offer.  For Reception and Nursery, a mini-club is available.  All clubs finish at 5:10pm.