Topic Vocabulary

In any new topic, children will encounter some unfamiliar vocabulary. To help, we provide the children with termly lists in each subject. These are not spellings to be learnt (although spelling them correctly would be useful!); moreover, they are there to give the children a ‘heads up’ about some of the words that they will encounter during lessons. Research has shown that familiarity with relevant concepts and the vocabulary associated with them can promote effective learning. These lists are useful to have to refer to so that the children understand the meanings. As always, if the children are unsure about any aspect of the vocabulary, form tutors and subject teachers and on hand to help.

English: Hobgoblin, adventure, transformation, apostrophe, comma, poem, however, during, fortunately,unusually
Maths (1st H/T): addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, positive, negative, decimal, angle, measure, protractor
Maths (2nd H/T): factor, multiple, polygon, triangle, quadrilateral, equilateral, isosceles, scalene, co-ordinates, translate
Science: solid, liquid, sieve, filter, flask, cell, bulb, circuit, wires, switch, battery
History: invaders, traders, craftsmen, long-ship, violent, monasteries, runes, Valhalla, Scandinavia, farming
Geography (UK): United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain, British Isles, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, British Channel, country, region, county, city, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, human features, physical features
Geography Map Skills symbol, distance, direction, Ordnance Survey, (OS), map, atlas, compass, north, south, east, west, grid reference, relief, contour
Computer Science: application, software, database, website, client-side, server-side, Python, internet, peripheral, digital footprint
RE: Bible, Gospel, chapter, Christ, miracles, parable, Jerusalem, Testament, Middle East, Mediterranean
Music Michaelmas: Treble Clef, stave/staff, Mnemonics, Ledger Lines, Pitch, Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Tone, Brahms, Hungarian
Music Lent: Vivaldi, Red Priest, Italy,Baroque, Rondo Form, Time Signatures, barlinesLent:
Music Summer: Composition, Carnival of the Animals, Saint Saens, Paris, Carnival, procession

English: eruption, explosion, illusion, advertisement, particular, extinguish, caustic, incendiary, sulphur, courage, determined
Maths (1st H/T): symmetry, reflection, horizontal, vertical, rotational, decimal, algebra, irregular, triangle, equilateral
Maths (2nd H/T): isosceles, scalene, quadrilateral, similarity, congruence, proportion, numerator, denominator, cancelling, ratio
Science: solid, liquid, gas, melt, freeze, evaporate, condense, diffuse, particle
History: Tudor, Stuart, period, Henry, Battle of Bosworth, divorce, religion, Protestant, Catholic, monarch
Geography: location, country, county, direction, Ordnance, survey, compass, symbols, scale, relief, altitude
Computer Science: social, media, binary, evaluation, spreadsheet, hyper-text-markup-language (HTML);, variables, programming, loops, conditions, analyse, IP addressing
RE: pilgrimage, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, synagogue, mosque, Muslim
Music Autumn Term: Harpsichord, Plectrum, Jack, Valves, Staccato, Legato, Dynamics, Bell, Mouthpiece, Manual

English: infinite, immediate, eternity, immortal, mortality, proprietor, definitely, favourite, persuade, fortunate, forever
Maths (1st H/T): unitary, expression, circle, circumference, diameter, radius, segment, sector, tangent, chord
Maths (2nd H/T): approximately, percentage, algebraic, substitution, equation, estimation, operation, equilateral, isosceles, quadrilateral
Biology: reproduction, excretion, respiration, cells, nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, vacuole, chloroplasts
Chemistry: Bunsen, hydrogen, oxidation, rust, propane, carbon, dioxide, galvanized, iron, compound, element, oxygen
Physics: up-thrust, weight, mass, magnetic, extension, statics, speed
History: Jacobite, rebellion, Hanoverian, Protestant, pretender, union, conflict, succession, Cumberland, government
Geography: erosion, deposition, hydraulic, action, abrasion, attrition, corrosion, traction, saltation, suspension, solution
Computer Science: fake news, digital shadow, social media, domain name, URL (uniform resource locator); coding, loops, algorithm
RE: Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj, Makkah, Ka’bah, Id-ul-Adha, Id-ul-Fitr, Adhan, Aqiqah, Minbar, Mihrab, Minaret, Muezzin, Wudu
Music Autumn Term: Baroque, Rondo, Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic, Texture, Terraced Dynamics,Continuo

English: metaphor, personification, simile, onomatopoeia, stanza, rhyme, rhythm, quotation, icon, iconography, hagiography
Maths (1st H/T): decimal, significant, rounding, estimate, probability, geometry, vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular
Maths (2nd H/T): indices, factorisation, expression, circle, circumference, diameter, percentage, volume, cylinder, cuboid
Biology: circulatory, plasma, platelet, deoxygenated, ventricle, veins, artery, capillary
Chemistry: alkali, neutralisation, Iidicator, salt (as in a chemical compound); COSHH, hazard, pH
Physics: density, displacement, volume, pressure, concentration, formula, units (of measurement), Eureka
History: battle, chivalry, chronological order, clergy, feudal, interpretation, significant, reign, excommunicated, Bayeux Tapestry, interdict, chronicle, parliament, conquer, pneumonic, archbishop, cavalry, medieval
Geography: earthquake, volcano, tectonic plate, oceanic crust, continental crust, epicentre, foreshocks seismometer, lahar, pyroclastic flow
Computer Science: ranking, digital presentation, digital responsibility, application, construction, cascading style sheets, (CSS), embedment, Javascript, personal digital information, social media safety, clickbait
RE: resurrection, reincarnation, nihilism, pacifism, capital, punishment; marginalised justice, prejudice, discrimination, stereotype, stewardship, sanctity of life, vegetarianism, Just War
Music Autumn Term: Programmatic, Cor Anglais, Celesta, Chromatic, Overture, Concerto, Articulation, Expression

English: ambiguous, synopsis, scene, excerpt, obedience, iambic, pentameter, characteristic, theatre – theatrical, rehearse – rehearsal, Shakespeare
Biology: vagina, uterus, ovary, fallopian, tube, penis, testis, prostate, implantation, puberty
Chemistry: reactivity, displacement, reactive, thermite, blast, furnace, redox, alkali, metal
Physics: electromagnetic, radiation;, ultra violet, infrared, refraction, dispersion, frequency (of a sound); amplitude, pitch (of a sound), decibel, hertz
History: battle, chivalry, chronological order, clergy, feudal, interpretation, significant, reign, excommunicated, Bayeux Tapestry, interdict, chronicle, parliament, conquer, pneumonic, archbishop, cavalry, medieval
Geography: drainage basin, tributary, erosion, wetted, perimeter, mean, velocity, discharge, hydraulic radius, channel, roughness, friction, cross-sectional, area
Computer Science: Data Protection Act (GDPR), hyper-text-markup-language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), email etiquette, domain suffixes, ip-addressing, domain name, domain hosting, dark web, spoof websites
RE: see ‘Glossary of Key Terms for Common Entrance’
Music Autumn: Jazz, Riff, Blues, Middle 8, Hook, Bridge, Distortion, Sequencer, Amplifier

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