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Red-dy debaters

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The annual House Debating Competition took place in a sea of red as it was postponed due to snow to red nose day. However, this was the only allowance given to comedy as the four houses locked speeches in deadly earnest debating whether we need more than 30 books throughout our lives. Pembroke and Selden argued for the motion and against an extensive library, while Tongswood and Bicton warmed the cockles of the hearts of the English department by maintaining you can’t have enough books. It was not the position that decided, though, but the way the children debated. Arthur G and Kit H both argued well for their side, Arthur delivering some quick retorts to points of information, but their arguments were a little thin on the ground. Emma B talked emphatically for books, as did Amelie, both referencing Bradbury’s dystopian future in Fahrenheit 451, but Amelie failed to make any points of information, which cost her (real) points. All four debaters, backed up professionally by their researchers Evie Sh, Evie Sa, Matthew H and Tom Hi, dealt professionally with questions from the floor.
In keeping with the day, Bicton won, Emma having outshone her competitors on the strength of her delivery.







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