Scholarship Examinations

Most Public Schools offer a range of scholarships. For example awards are available for academic excellence, sport, art, music or drama. Each school applies its own system – with its own idiosyncrasies! – and the examination procedure can widely differ from one school to another. Some scholarships take place in January (sometimes even following “pre-tests” in the Autumn Term), while others only happen in May.

The number of papers to be taken (as well as their nature) can also considerably vary, although some schools now use the Common Academic Scholarship format from the ISEB. Virtually all schools will test the candidates in English, Maths, Science and French, and many set a General Paper, as well as offering a number of options. In addition, an interview or trial day at the senior school is generally part of the selection process.

It is important to define in advance the best course of action for each scholar and a close partnership between the parents and the school is necessary. There is lots of help available from Dr Kornel Kossuth (our Head of Scholars/Head of English), James Green (Deputy Head, Academic) and William Trelawny-Vernon (Headmaster).

Whichever the type of scholarship sought, it is your responsibility, as parents, to register your child for a scholarship to their chosen senior school. We will advise you as to whether we think your child is at award standard.