Head of Department: Emma Trelawny-Vernon

PSHE (as the subject tends to be known nationally) is considered to be one of the most important subjects in the curriculum – perhaps surprisingly, for some. Indeed, it is not an examined subject, so has little obvious impact on one’s studies. However, it is possibly the subject that might have the greatest influence on a pupil’s life, in its holistic dimension. It will raise awareness about some of the major issues that children do or will face; it can inform several crucial choices and help to shape attitudes in many areas of one’s life.

Our course is co-ordinated throughout the school, from Reception to Year 8. The Pre-Prep classes follow the syllabus led by their Class Teacher and in the Prep School, each year group has one 35-minute lesson per week, which is led by a small team of teachers. Our sessions are fairly informal, with as much discussion as possible. The pupils are encouraged to think deeply about a range of issues that concern them now and will be important for them as they join adult society. Pupils are not tested on any of these topics and this allows them to relax and give their opinions openly, without fear of “getting things wrong”.

As a department we are aware that, in PSHE, no one set of objectives can take full account of the individuality of each boy or girl. So we aim to support the development of certain personal qualities and attitudes among all our pupils, such as:

• Independence of Mind
• Self-reliance, self-discipline and self-respect
• A commitment to remain healthy
• An enterprising and persistent approach to tasks and challenges
• Consideration for others
• A sense of fairness, together with respect for the processes of law and for the legal rights of others
• Respect for ways of life, opinions and ideas different from one’s own
• Readiness to act on behalf of the legitimate interests of others who cannot effectively act for themselves
• A commitment to promoting the well-being of the community through democratic means
• Concern for the conservation of the natural world and for the physical, including the built, environment

The PHSE department is always open to suggestions for new areas of discussion from both pupils and parents, as we strive to be as interesting and topical as is practical.




Class 3

Self awareness
Personal hygiene
Making good friends and keeping them
Animal matters
Customs and Celebrations
Shops and Businesses

Class 4

Self awareness
Health and Safety
Respecting differences
The local environment/ countryside
Rules and rule breakers
Roles in the workplace


Self awareness
Healthy eating
Family matters
Family life
Fair trade
You and your opinions
You and your money


Self awareness
Keeping fit
Standing up to bullying
Councils and services
Consumer affairs – the nation’s finances, understanding prices


Self awareness
Thinking about smoking/ drugs/alcohol
Cultural differences and relationships
You as a citizen – Local government & democracy
Economic understanding – industry, marketing, advertising, businesses


Self awareness
Healthy mind and healthy body – body image
Developing meaningful relationships
Relationships and modern technologyClimate change
You as a World citizen – How is GB/EU governed?
Careers – how and when to choose