Mr David Force

Department: Music
Title: Director of Music
Qualifications: M.A., P.G.C.E, A.Mus.LCM, University of Durham
Contact details:

Life before Saint Ronan's
I was born and educated as a Kentish Man before heading north to read music at the University of Durham. My first proper job was teaching in the wilds of Cumbria before moving to Sussex in 1991 where I taught at Eastbourne College for many years. Having admired St Ronan’s and its music for a long time from afar, it’s a real pleasure to be here and back in my native county.

Roles at School
As Director of Music I run ensembles such as the orchestra and chapel choir, play the organ in chapel and take Congo, teach classroom music to the upper years and look after our marvellous team of peripatetic teachers. There’s never a dull moment in the music department, which is exactly as it should be!

Away from the Classroom
My passion is for early music, and I play in several ensembles that perform repertoire from the medieval to early baroque periods. As well as organ and harpsichord, this involves playing a range of marvellous old instruments, such as the crumhorn, curtal, kortholt, lap harp and hurdy-gurdy. My favourite, though, is the Flemish bagpipes which is great for entertaining the neighbours (up to several doors away). I’m also exercising my brain cell by researching a PhD in seventeenth century English music, so that means lots of time in dusty libraries – heaven! To relax I enjoy cycling, reading by the fire, and very amateur cooking – Force’s Sauces are my speciality.