Mrs Lesley-Anne Hill

Qualifications:B.Mus., L.S.M., Rhodes University

Life before Saint Ronan's
I grew up on a farm in Africa, far from civilisation! I was sent to boarding school and was surrounded by wonderful people and inspiring, loving and patient teachers! We have all scattered far and wide but are still in contact with each other. Our Deputy headmistress died three months ago and all around the globe her pupils (now ranging in age from 40-70) lit a candle at 12-noon on the day of her memorial service at my old school. So many children at Saint Ronan’s asked me what the candle was for and I told them how I remembered my teacher from long ago. My childhood school has been my inspiration throughout my life. I hope to serve the Saint Ronan’s community in the same way as those teachers nurtured me.

Roles at School
I am happiest sitting on my carpet surrounded by children and instruments, conducting the Chamber Choir and encouraging children in their instrumental studies.

Away from the Classroom
I love gardening… but don’t have enough time to do my garden justice! I am sure you’ve all noticed the weeds! I love listening to music on my iPod but I only do that in the long Summer holidays! Our family love games - it is one of our favourite things to do when we are together. Most of all I love the sun and beach holidays and look forward to them each year!