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The mystery of the monkeys.

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We were delighted to welcome Dr Blundell to open Treetops this morning. We felt it was fitting that the local Doctor and Head of our Health and Safety Committee did the honours…in case it causes him headaches going forwards! Mr Andrew was not in School (on a course in Bath) and so sent a video link of him (in a bath- fully clothed) reminding the children of the rules of engagement re Treetops. Unfortunately, all did not go to plan and Mr TVs assembly and Mr Andrew’s video link was rudely interrupted by a barrel of monkeys causing mayhem in the Great Space. Luckily Mr Fox was on hand to guide the children out to Treetops where the monkeys had established themselves. Ingeniously, Ben H suggested that a banana might do the trick and lo and behold a massive mobile banana appeared and lured the monkeys off Treetops. Dr Blundell was then free to pull down the St George’s flag and declare the play area open. He then had to whizz back to tend to all the medical needs of the good folk of Hawkhurst! What a fantastic event #whatsnottolove. We hope to get a video of proceedings up a little later on!

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