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Thursday’s musical breakfast

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Thursday’s musical breakfast featured Ed Bingham’s guitar pupils. Because the Albert Hall was too small to accommodate all the guitars together with their parents, fans and groupies, we had to decamp to the Great Space. The school definitely needs a Wembley Stadium! The classical guitarists provided works demonstrating beautifully accurate and expressive playing, showing that, even in the relatively early grades, there is a wealth of opportunity for musicianship to shine through. The singer/songwriters demonstrated that there is a real hotbed of talent being exploited at school, and the guitar ensemble (plus piano, voice and percussion) combined electric and acoustic instruments with excellent balance and clarity – a tricky thing to do. The Y8 band gave a performance of great vivacity, and we wait with bated breath for the results of their recording session over Easter. Thank you Ed and your fantastic pupils for a superb start to the day!




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