Peter Richard Bray

Peter Richard Bray

Regiment:Royal Artillery, 70 Medium Regiment
Service Number:85526
Cemetary/Memorial: Cesena War Cemetary (VI.D.9.)
Awards:War Medal 1939 – 1945
1939 - 1945 Star
Military Cross

Born in Surrey on 15th June 1919, Captain Bray died on 14th November 1944, aged 25. He was killed in action in Italy. He was the youngest son of Colonel Hubert A. Bray, CB, CMG (1867-1935) and of Maude Elisabeth Bray (nee Boys, 1879-1965) of Twyford, Hampshire. Peter had a brother (Hubert b. 1st March 1917) and four sisters (Margaret b.1913, Elfrida b. 1911). His brother also served in WWII, as a captain with the Dorsetshire Regiment. Peter was a pupil at St Ronan’s from 1928 to 1933. A keen sportsman, he was in the cricket, football and rugby teams. He was captain of the football and rugby teams in 1933 as well as winning Victor Ludorum. He was also a Prefect. “Fletcher and Bray, who have been the spear front of our athletic attack during the last year in all games, will be a great loss to the School. Bray was Vice-Captain of Soccer, and he as a back and Fletcher as centre-forward were two of the best Soccer players in those positions that we have had. Bray was Captain of Rugger, and he and Fletcher were two of the best Rugger forwards that have played for S. Ronan’s; while Fletcher, as Captain of Cricket and the fastest bowler we have had since I have been here, won the batting averages and Bray as wicket-keeper holds the record number of stumps - a truly remarkable record for two men. Far more important than all this has been the influence that they have exerted on the School. As first and second Prefects they have worked together for the best interests of the School which they have always put in front of their own desires. Their loyalty to each other and to the School has been a fact of which we have all been proud during the last two terms. They have passed on the tradition of S. Ronan’s Head Prefects undiminished and they know the pride with which we shall watch their careers in the future.” The Ronian, September 1933.

Fletcher leads over the first flight, whilst Bray, the eventual winner, is last – Saint Ronan’s, 1933.

Bray leads Fletcher in the 400 meters - Saint Ronan’s, 1933

He attended the Old Ronians’ Dinner in 1933 and 1936 and visited the school in 1937, 1938 and 1942.

In 1933, he headed to the Haileybury-Imperial Service College where he was in the cricket and rugby teams. He also competed at shooting for the school. He was Head of the School, Captain of Rugby and Head of House.

In 1937, he was awarded a Kitchener Exhibition at the Royal Military Academy. He was also in the rugby side whilst at Sandhurst and given his Thirty Colours in 1938.

He gained his commission with the Royal Artillery in 1939.

Captain Bray was awarded the Military Cross in 1940.

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