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Boarding at Saint Ronan's

A boarding evening. What happens?

The evening starts at 6.15pm with Boarders’ Supper, when the pupils are provided with a hearty meal after an exhausting school day. The boarders have helped design the menus so there is not much food left at the end!

After this, the pupils have free time, with lots of different activities on offer, depending on the time of year. Whenever possible, the children are sent out to play (this has been known to happen in the dark and snow as well!). They can play their own games or use the tennis courts or swimming pool. In the winter, we have the use of the Sports Hall, main house or the Great Space, depending on whether we are playing Wave, Dodge Ball, Spotlight, flipping pancakes or playing Sardines! We have a kitchen in The Snug, where the children can make and bake delicious treats for everyone. The boarding staff are on hand to supervise the activities and often join in themselves. On occasions, we take the boarders out to watch local pantomimes and plays.

At 8pm, all pupils go upstairs. After registration, they shower, change into their PJs, put their underwear in the laundry bag for washing and come into The Snug. The snack is served when everyone is ready. Sometimes a quick game of Bingo or National Lottery is played at this time. The children then relax and enjoy watching TV or using the games room. The bedtime routine starts at 8:30pm for Year 4 and Year 5, with lights out at 8:45pm. Year 6 and Year 7 go in at 8:50pm and Year 8 at 9pm. There is a boarding assistant outside all the dorms after lights out.

The morning routine starts with a wake-up call at 7:15am. Children rise and tidy their bed and the dorm area, clean their teeth and get ready for the day. Once downstairs, there is a delicious full English breakfast to be enjoyed, including croissants, cereals, juices and tea. The children leave for their Form rooms at 8:25am.

Where do we sleep?

All the dormitories are located at the top of the school. Each has its own unique name and character - Crystal Palace, Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Rookery, Ally Pally, Tower and the Savoy. Pupils are placed in a dormitory with children of a similar age where possible.

Each pupil is given a box in which they keep their personal belongings and a hook for their dressing gown. In addition to this, each bed has a small shelf for items such as reading books and watches. They are also allowed to personalise their dormitory space with posters and photographs.

In addition to the dormitories we have The Snug which is where the pupils are able to relax, have some snacks, watch television or play board games before heading off to bed. We also have a games room with a computer, Nintendo Switch, Foosball and a pool table.

What do the boarders need to bring?

Please bring the following named items:

Duvet cover and pillow case
1 Dressing gown
1 Pair of slippers
1 Pyjamas / nightdress
1 Flannel
1 Toothbrush and toothpaste
1 Hairbrush and hairbands to tie hair back
1 Pair of underwear and socks/tights
Cuddly toys, comforters , pictures from home etc

Your questions answered by our boarders

Can I contact home?
“Yes we just ask Mr Yeabsley or M’Julie and they lend us the school phone. Our parents can also call us on the boarding telephone” Wilf W - Year 8

What happens if I feel ill during the night or have medicine to take?
“When we feel ill we just go and see M’Julie and she looks after us. If it is in the middle of the night we can just knock on her door. M’Julie also hands out medicine to the boarders “if they need them”.“ Evie S - Year 6

Will there be a fire practice?
“Yes each term we have a practice,Mr Yeabsley does it as a surprise, normally in the morning when we are still asleep!” Allegra W - Year 7

What if I am worried or have a problem?
“I just go and see Mr Yeabsley or M’Julie and they help me out. There are lots of other staff as well and the older children are helpful too” Jaxson M - Year 4

Is there lots of food?
Yes—we have great food in the evening and we get to choose what we eat. M’Julie always has a snack for us before we go to bed as well” Amelie G - Year 6

Boarding Inspection

The boarding provision is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The most recent inspection took place in October 2013, where the quality of boarding was judged to be ‘excellent’.

Contact Us

If you wish to enquire about boarding or any other enquiry, please ask here.