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Clubs are an important part of life at Saint Ronan’s and offer opportunities for children to have fun while learning and having new experiences. The following clubs are currently on offer.

Art (Years 3 & 4 Only)

Extra art classes are for pupils throughout the Prep school who are keen to develop their artistic flair. They will experience craftwork, 3D work, ceramics and experimental work further developing the themes and ideas from the term’s topic. Pupils who show potential in this subject can then be invited to join the scholarship art group.
Autumn Term 2015: We will be using our new pyrography machines to burn designs into wood.


Sarah Denman is a ballet specialist who holds the highest dance qualification possible and is a fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The students will work towards ISTD examinations in ballet which they can take during the summer term if they wish. Ballet is an extremely important discipline as the techniques learnt underpin all other dance genres.


Terry Davies will be working with groups in our own Tongswood. Teaching basic and advanced bushcraft skills, wilderness survival training, primitive technology, nature based learning events, wild foods and foraging plus lots, lots more. Waterproofs and backpacks will be needed!!


The aim of this extra is to enhance the public speaking and debating skills of the pupils. In a series of structured exercises as well as in different debate formats pupils will learn how to research both sides of an issue, how to make a point effectively, respond with alacrity to criticism as well as deliver a persuasive speech – all using erudite vocabulary. It is envisaged that the most eloquent pupils will participate in national public speaking competitions.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a popular activity which takes place in the school workshop and is taught by Mr Bennett and Mr Carnell. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn how to create objects on the computer using 2D Design and export them to the laser cutter, craft pens on the lathe, print designs on mugs using dye-sublimation techniques and build go-carts.

We are also introducing two new activities this term: LEGO Mindstorms EV3 combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with advanced technology enabling pupils to bring objects to life by using a computer based application.

Fishing – Summer Term only

Fishing around the Hammerpond with our head groundsman, John Watson. More information to follow.


Fencing enhances co-ordination between arms and legs, trains quick reactions and tactical thinking. Sessions contain elements of foot-work and blade-work and combinations of both as well as electrical fencing to advance the pupils’ skills. Pupils are given the opportunity to take fencing grades as they progress, with grade I usually being taken at the end of the first term, and grade II at the end of the second. Following pupils’ success at county-level tournaments, we are introducing measures to make Saint Ronan’s a centre of excellence in fencing.

Funky Dance

This extra allows the pupils to explore different aspects of modern dance. They will have the opportunity to develop basic steps, jumps, turns and other movements and then incorporate them into simple dance routines. Watch out Diversity!

Gardening & Nature Craft Club

Get stuck into the children’s garden where we will grow our own flowers and plants, make crafts to encourage the wildlife and enjoy creating arty projects outside in our magic little garden.

Girls Football/Touch Rugby and Cricket

This Club gives the girls a chance to show what they are made of. The sport changes with the seasons, allowing the girls a taste of the major boys sports.

Into the Woods

Come and explore our very own Tongswood, play some traditional Saint Ronan’s games including The Falklands War and many others. If it’s wet we can come inside for a film.


Judo is an Olympic Sport. It helps children with their fitness, strength and discipline. Grading examinations are undertaken at the end of the term to assess a student’s fighting ability and theory knowledge. Students are also entered into National School competitions if appropriate.


London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art is changing this year. We will be holding Group Lamda lessons alongside individual/paired sessions. Please click here for more details.

LEGO club

Calling all budding architects and builders! Come along to Lego Club and get involved in building on a miniature scale. Lego will be supplied. We would hate to be responsible for your Millennium Falcon not being able to make the jump to hyperspace because the capacitor was holding someone’s swing or shop front together!

Mountain Biking

For those who like mud, blood and sweat! Pupils make use of the beautiful school grounds, including Tongswood, to create and ride their own trails. Riding takes place offroad and often over very rough terrain. Mountain biking develops a rider’s strength, balance, bike handling skills, fitness and sense of responsibility. Riders need to be closely in touch with nature and the landscape. Children find real pleasure in riding in a traffic-free environment. Every ride is an adventure. ( Bikes not included)

Paradise Farm

Members of the Paradise Farm Team are expected to help with feeding, mucking out, organising rotas/teams and selling of any produce from the farm to keep such an enterprise going. Along side Debbie Dalloway, the team are involved in decision making and and they are able to really get their hands dirty! Welly-boots and overalls are supplied by the school.

Photography with Dr K

See the world in wide angle or zoomed in! In the photography club pupils are given a chance to hone their eyes in a variety of creative tasks. Basics of cameras and photography are covered as well as some famous photographers. Pupils should bring their own camera, if possible.

Relaxing Art

Summer Term. Spend an hour doodling on the Terrace or in The Maples. Mandalas and the pens provided.

Running Club

If you are a keen cross country runner or athlete why not sign up for running club. This will be a great way to train for the various cross country events (not to mention the Brodie Shield) held during the Autumn and Spring terms, but also a fun way to maintain and develop your general fitness to help improve performance in all sports. The club will be run by Mrs Fagg, herself a keen athlete and runner. She will use different methods of training to help inspire, keep sessions engaging and challenging, whilst also improving your respiratory and cardiovascular fitness.

Sports Medley (years 3 & 4 only)

The children rotate through a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting activities, depending on weather and season!


Tennis coaching with our visiting professional. Summer Term only with the coaches from Hawkhurst Tennis Club.

Touch Typing

Touch typing is an important life skill and one which can be fun to learn! Carmel Meade teaches the children with the aid of specialist software, and they are soon tapping away at speed. Children enjoy seeing their rate increase and at the same time learn a useful skill.


Namaste Kids teaches yoga using the Yoga Banana’s Technique. Incorporating all the elements of traditional yoga in a fun, inspiring and structured way, Yoga helps to maintain strength & stamina, improve the immune system, explore creativity & imagination, improving memory & concentration and reduce stress & anxiety.

Year 4 Choir

Come along for some fun and games – kazoos, instruments and of course singing! The voice is so important for all musicians – and what better way than to practise in a club with friends. Three performances in the year give valuable stage confidence and experience. The choir is a good grounding before Chapel Choir and Chamber Choir in Years 5 and 6.