Head of Department: Karen Stickney -

At Saint Ronan’s, we provide children with an understanding of a variety of painting and drawing techniques and they have the opportunity to create Art with many different media. We have an extensively-equipped department that resides in ‘The Paper Mill’, opened in early 2020. Children have access to a wide range of equipment which will enable them to experiment with even more creative processes and techniques: textiles, ceramics, printing, glass fusion and much more.

The Head of Art has a specialist background in ceramics and design and encourages the creation of three-dimensional forms. Children learn about artists from different periods and the creative approaches and techniques used in their work. They are encouraged to experiment with these techniques so that they learn how to use a range of artists’ materials and to express their own ideas through them. We want their experience to be stimulating, enjoyable and challenging.

We liaise with the Pre-Prep staff on a regular basis to ensure that the correct skills are being taught to prepare children for Art in the Prep school. Art is taught to coincide with the main topics that they study each term.

The Art Department is committed to extending opportunities to provide cross-curricular links with other departments. At Saint Ronan’s you could find yourself reading Hugo Cabret in English; designing and building a life-sized Automata in Art and laser-cutting cogs in DT. Then using Arduino to make the Automata’s motors work and then program them with Rasberry Pi’s in Computer Science.

Potential Art scholars are invited to Extra Art classes to give them more time to develop their creative skills.

Watch our Art video below