Computer Science

Head of Department: Terry Stickney -

Computer Science at Saint Ronan's not only takes the pupil's technological journey from a young age, but embraces all aspects that are required in other subjects and areas.

Age related software for each year expands into logical processing and individual learning. Cross-curricular lessons allow pupils to link ideas to software and application development with plenty of room for expansion.

The school has a strict network which monitors, protects and controls pupils access with a dedicated internet connection installed to accomodate the whole school's needs.

At the beginning of each term, all pupils are given Online Safety lessons containing the latest pitfalls to avoid - not only the children, but for families and friends too.
Lessons on how to use the internet, search engines, Microsoft Office applications, Google Maps, and many more applications that used in everyday life.

Computer Science is an ever evolving subject which allows an ever expanding curriculum addition.
Some of the areas we cover

  • >Drag drop coding for the younger years
  • >Python programming
  • >Micro Python programming
  • >HTML & CSS development
  • >Javascript
  • >SWAY

Using a variety of external elements to compliment lessons we include

  • >BBC Micro Bits
  • >Raspberry Pi
  • >Raspberry Picos
  • >Arduino boards
  • >Programable drones

Programming distance detection devices: Pupil idea just before lockdowns were enforced.

Morse Code wireless communications