Head of Department: Richard Vassar-Smith -

Science at Saint Ronan's finds its home in the stable block with 4 new, excellently equipped laboratories. Hands on learning and experimental work forms the heart of what we do, allowing the pupils to investigate and explore the Science that we study. Not only is this a great way to learn the key knowledge base of the subject but it promotes the critical thinking skills that can be used across the curriculum and onward through the pupil's life, wherever it may take them. Our experimental work also allows pupils to work on their cooperation and team skills in pairs, and larger groups which promotes a sense of responsibility and awareness of working with others.

After studying general Science up to Year 5 the curriculum then splits into the 3 traditional areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics which allows the pupils to delve deeper and have a greater opportunity to enjoy the areas of the subject that they love. These range from the smallest building blocks of life to the stars and galaxies that fill the night sky as well as key current issues such as global warming and climate change.

Not only do we we make use of our wonderful grounds, which include a dipping pond and a wide range of habitats as well as the school farm but we also regularly take the pupils on trips to make sure that they understand that Science is not just a subject studied at school but an exploration of the world around us, a journey we are all on.